About Us

Flag & Spear Tea Hunters aims to make high quality speciality tea approachable and accessible to everyone. We offer a range of fun, hands-on workshops to enrich your tea drinking journey. No more bitter green teas!  We also create immersive culinary tea experiences - progressions of stories, textures and flavours which challenge perceptions on what tea is, and what it can be. We respect and honor the rich history and culture of tea whilst aiming to present a fresh, modern perspective on tea. 

Tea Education

Fun and informative workshops on tea. Sample topics include:

  • Tea 101 - The basics of tea
  • The art of brewing tea
  • Oolong - Comparative tastings
  • All about green tea
  • Chinese tea ceremony
  • Tea & food pairing
  • Tea & cheese pairing 
  • Tea tales - The history of tea

Check our events page for upcoming public workshops.
Contact us to arrange private or corporate workshops. 

Culinary Tea Events

Flag & Spear Tea Hunters specializes in tea and food pairing.
We regularly present award winning food and tea paired experiences in collaboration with boutique caterer In the Art of Entertaining.  These events are called imbue., and are an expression of our passion for fine tea and food. Imbue means to inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming events. 

We are also available for private events. Contact us to discuss bespoke tea and food paired catering for your next birthday party, bridal shower, corporate event or party. 



We offer consulting services to restaurants, cafes and other food & beverage businesses.

Please contact us for advice on

  • Tea service 
  • Tea menu selection
  • Menu pairing

Our Story 

Flag & Spear Tea Hunters is the creation of Melbourne based tea enthusiast and educator Cheryl Teo.

Cheryl is a Certified Tea Sommelier and lifelong student of tea. A self-confessed tea nerd, she is obsessed with the history, culture, art and science of tea. She loves to spread passion for the beverage through workshops, events, and talking to pretty much anyone who wants to listen.

Cheryl is the winner of the 2017 Tea Masters Cup - Australia & New Zealand competition in the category of Tea Preparation.