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The Art of Brewing - Laneway Learning

  • The Little Mule 19 Somerset Pl Melbourne Australia (map)
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What’s it all about?

Ever had a bitter green tea? An insipid oolong? What is oolong anyway?

In this class, we delve into the art and science behind how to brew a great cup of tea, every. damn. time. We will learn the basics of how temperature, brewing time, and even the type of teapot affects how your tea turns out.

We’ll also explore cold-brewing, a great technique for satiating your tea-lust in summer.

What we will cover?

During the class we will go through:

  • An overview of green, white, oolong, black and post-fermented teas,
  • The basics of brewing, with comparative tastings,
  • Cold brewing – What is it and why do it?
Earlier Event: March 5
imbue. - Pop Up at Porcelain
Later Event: April 30
imbue. - Dessert Edition